What comes to mind when you think about your cultural heritage? What are your favorite stories, traditions, and artifacts from your native villages in the mountains?

How well-versed in your family’s history are you? Do you feel a strong connection to your ancestors? Or do you feel blocked or alienated from your roots in the mountains?

Here is how you can revisit your origins: Raibaar is an initiative for the natives of the Himalayan states to stay in touch with their cultural roots. We thrive to build a community of like-minded individuals spanning geographical locations to come together and contemplate a better world of mountains.

“Raibaar” means a message to return to roots. Keeping connected and embedded to our roots is the only way we can preserve this identity globally and prepare for future challenges.

One factor that best defines whom someone stems from is their culture and ancestry, which is why it is so important to remain cognizant of one’s roots and heritage.

Through storytelling and summit, Raibaar will empower its readers from the Himalayan state to engage meaningfully with issues back home and take part.

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